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Welcome to York Region Mompreneurs !

Mompreneurs® is here to support, educate, and empower moms in business across the country. We strive to give business women a platform where they can network with other female entrepreneurs and local businesses, and provide events where they can showcase their talents.

We want to help mompreneurs and business women gain the tools to establish themselves in their local communities as well as online, while our networking meetings are the perfect way to meet with other entrepreneurs and make important business connections.

We look forward to connecting with you in person or online and discussing how we can help you!

Wanna know more? Find further information about What We Do

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Featured Member

Will You Be Ready to Answer When Opportunity Knocks?

Posted September 30, 2014

Are you stuck in a rut?  Do you feel like you haven’t quite reached your potential?  Perhaps you haven’t been in the right place at the right time.  Will you be ready to move on to bigger and better things when the opportunity presents itself? Success isn’t just about being lucky.  It is often said that […]

How to Make Telecommuting Work for Your Business

Posted September 28, 2014

Employees love to work from home.  It eliminates the dreaded commute and it allows for a healthier work-life balance.  From the company perspective, it reduces the need for office space, provides flexibility, and makes you a competitive employer.  However, since telecommuting employees are vastly different from employees working in the office, you need to manage them differently.  With more […]

Join Arlene Dickinson’s Breakfast Table

Posted September 13, 2014

  Arlene Dickinson & YouInc invite you to join us for an exclusive breakfast event with some of Canada’s leading and most celebrated entrepreneurs. Learn valuable insights as Arlene shares an intimate and frank conversation about being in business with top renowned Canadian entrepreneurs Christine Magee, President of Sleep Country Canada, and Robert Deluce, President […]

15 Ways To Easily Increase Your Facebook Business Page Likes

Posted January 15, 2014

Art provided by: Charlotte Farhan Facebook business page LIKES! They’re probably on your mind constantly. “How to get more likes?” Let’s clear up a misconception first. Likes and engagement should go together. Likes without engagement is a sign that you need to step backwards and think about how to structure your business correctly for online […]

What are Antioxidants and Why are They So Important for Your Health

Posted January 4, 2014

First of all, let’s start with some facts. Health starts on a cellular level. Our bodies are comprised of over 90 trillion cells and when our cells are healthy, so are our bodies. We all have bad cells and it is just a matter of how strong the healthy cells are in protecting themselves from […]


Posted September 11, 2013

Home designs as exquisite as those found at Mansions on the Boulevard deserve a setting just as extraordinary. Imagine waking up every morning to views of acres and acres of luscious greens and rolling hills. This could be your reality when you live here on a lot overlooking the magnificent Copper Creek Golf Club. You […]

Turn your website into a Sales Machine

Posted April 16, 2013

Just like training sales staff, you can prepare your website with the substance it needs to make a sale. Beauty is good, but brains are better! ( At least in business) Below is  a little list we put together here at WISDEK of the things that will make the most impact on your online conversation rate (how […]

How To Create A Popular Blog Post in 10 Easy Steps

Posted March 20, 2013

How To Create A Popular Blog Post in 10 Easy Steps Do you wish you understood how to write a good blog post just like that one I wrote titled: The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet? It gets multiple shares and comments and is doing very well in the Social Media world. […]

The Importance of Networking as a Mompreneur

Posted March 6, 2013

Many of us know that networking is a key factor in business success, but we’re not sure why and we’re intimidated at the thought of showing up to an event…ALONE…with a stack of business cards. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of networking as a Mompreneur. If you own a sales-based business, studies […]

10 Choices for Vibrant Health That You Can Make Today

Posted February 23, 2013

The alarm clock rings and the morning grind begins. School lunches are assembled, breakfast is put out, children are reminded to brush their teeth, permission forms are signed, backpacks are packed, everyone loads into the car, kids are dropped at school, and you tear home for a conference call at 10. The conference call ends […]